The Tweedy Pie Wagon was built with the parts from a Monogram Pie Wagon and a Revell Tweedy Pie 2. The rear wheels are from a MPC Mail Box Chopper. The rear inner wheels are from the Pie Wagon. The asymmetrical taillights are red rhinestones.

The Pie Wagon body was sectioned about 3/8" right down the middle sides, (3/16" off the bottom half and 3/16" off the top half of the body). The rear interior platform was cut off and replaced with sheet plastic and the floorpan was narrowed to fit inside the sectioned body sides. The front of the body was cut off right at the engine compartment. The bottom of the body (wood grained area) was cut out to make more room for the lowered, modified floor pan. A new belly pan was cut from sheet plastic and glued in place.The body halves were glued together (with the floorpan in place) with Zap-A-Gap glue. This is a little tricky because the body sides don't line up perfectly. Then I made 2 cuts to the bottom of the body so I could mount the Quick Change rear end up to the flat area behind the seats. The area's sides were filled with sheet plastic to finish the tunnel shape for the rear end.

The top was chopped about 3/4" at the windshield tapering down to 1/16" at the rear above the rear door. I removed about 1/4" from the front edge of the top to increase visability. The rear window area was cut out about 1/2" larger than stock. The window rear frame was sliced vertically in half and each side was glued in place. Two small rectangles of sheet plastic were used to fill the enlarged window frame.

The Tweedy Pie 2 frame was fit to the body, with the steering box located just in front of the firewall area. The frame rails were cut off at a point so that they extended about 1" past the firewall location into the body. The frame rails were then glued on the inside of the new belly pan section. The Tweedy Pie engine was partially assembled to check clearances on the belly pan and firewall. The firewall was made from sheet plastic. Both were trimmed to clear the engine. The oil pan was also modified for better ground clearance.

All of the sharp angles on the body were rounded off with a sanding board. The body/frame assembly was then puttied, sanded smooth and primed. The Pie Wagon seats were lowered by removing about 1/4" from the bottoms and the backs were filled with sheet plastic. The Pie Wagon radiator shell was sectioned about 1/4" and fit between the Tweedy Pie frame rails. The Tweedy Pie 2 headlights had sunken in lenses so I filled them with Elmer's White glue which gave me realistic headlight lenses. The quick change rear end is from the Pie Wagon. The rest of the chassis is from the Tweedy Pie 2.

The Tweedy Pie Wagon body and seats were finished in Testors Purple Metal Flake and the interior was done in Flat White.