The "SIZZLER" was designed in the Wild Style of the "Show Trikes" and "3-Wheelers" of the 1970's while still using contemporary Viper V-10 Power, Low Super-Wide Tires and Fire Red "Hot Rod" Attitude!!! The "SIZZLER" was built using parts from the AMT Barris Surf Woody, the Revell/Monogram Predicta, Dodge Sidewinder, Olds Aerotech, Groovy Grader & Cherry Bomb.

Here's how it was built. (See the construction photo at the bottom of this page.) I cut a small section, around the bubbletop, of Olds Aerotech body. This section of body was then glued to the Surf Woody body. Two more pieces were cut from the Olds body wheel wells to form the rear of the cockpit. The middle fin is sheet plastic. Headlight housings from the AMT 1937 Chevy were used for taillight housings. The fins were cut off the Predicta in two pieces, left and right, and they were fit to the narrow Surf Woody body and attached. The rear grill housing of the Predicta is now, pointed in the center and smaller. Two lengths of strip plastic were attached to the front/top of the Surf Woody body to blend the Pedicta fins into the bodywork. The belly pan and rear roll pan were made from sheet plastic. The bottom, front of the Surf Woody's sides were also filled with sheet plastic to mirror the top, front sides shape.

Bodywork continued on the "SIZZLER" with the addition of two exhaust outlets, from the Cherry Bomb, modified to fit. Sheet Plastic was used to fill in the area in front of the Viper Engine. The Engine compartment was cut out to clear the Vipers headers. The front of the Surf Woody body was cut out to clear the front tire.

The Surf Woody Interior was modified to fit the Groovy Grader Seat and to clear the Vipers Transmission. The Groovy Grader Seat Backing was trimmed to fit the "SIZZLER" Cockpit. The Video Instrument Panel is made from a license plate frame from the AMT 1937 Chevy.

The Viper engine required only minor modifications to fit in the engine compartment. The Viper radiator was cut down to fit and wired gauges were added to the back of the engine. The front wheel is made from two inner wheels from the Pie Wagon Kit. The front grill from the Predicta was trimmed to fit the rear of the "SIZZLER", and the Flame Taillights are Christmas tree lights from the craft store.

The bodywork was filled with Evercoat Putty, sanded smooth and primed. The interior is done in Krylon Flat Black. The "SIZZLER" was painted with Krylon Gloss Red, applied over Krylon Gloss Yellow, and was then finished with several coats of Krylon Crystal Clear. The "SIZZLER" decals are from a 30 year old Revell "Tony Nancy" Dragster.