The "SHO BIRD" was designed to look like a 1960's Futuristic Thunderbird Concept Car. Back in the 1950's and early 1960's many Concept Cars were influenced by jet planes or rockets. These Bubbletop Wonders were very impractical, but they sure looked great!

The "SHO BIRD" is based on the AMT 1962 T-Bird kit. The bubbletop is from Revell/ Monogram's 1958 T-Bird, the seats and taillight extensions are from AMT's 1957 Ford and the side vents are from AMT's 1965 Corvette. The custom steering heel is from AMT''s 1956 Ford, the TV Monitor is from Monogram's Predicta and the wheels and tires are from Revell's new VW Beetle. The Taillights are the tops from red ball point pens, the taillight chrome housings are from AMT's 1955 Nomad and the front and rear grills are from AMT's 1971 Duster.

Here's how it was built. First, I dechromed the bumpers and glued them in place. Next all the trim and fins were removed. The hood was then "Pancaked" and the front Grill/Bumper was cut out and filled to fit the Duster Grill. A small piece of plastic strip was attached in the center of the hood scoop opening. The rear bumper/trunk area, was cut out to fit a second Narrowed Duster Grill. The Taillight housings were extended using headlight housings from the AMT 1957 Ford. Side vents from the AMT 1965 Corvette were cut and fit to the T-Bird body.

Part of the T-Birds trunk was cut out to fit the Tonneua Cover behind the back seats. The Bubbletop was then cut off at the front edge of the Tonneua Cover. The back part of the bubbletop was then molded into the headrests on the Tonneua Cover and the trunk. The rear wheel wells were cut out to match the front wheel wells.

The custom seats from the AMT 1957 Ford were fit to the interior. The rear seats were cut down and had the sides built up with sheet plastic. The TV Monitor was positioned on the center console. The engine and chassis are almost stock except, for lowering the chassis and the addition of Revell "VW" Wheels and Tires. Aluminum Tubing was cut and flared for exhaust extensions.

The "SHO BIRD" was painted with Testors Sapphire Blue over a silver base. The interior was painted with Testors Sapphire Blue and Flat White and the sprayed with Testors Dullcote. Testors Chrome Silver was also applied to the interior after the Dullcote dried. Ivory White Flocking was applied to the floor. The Duster Headlights in the rear grill were painted with Testors Amber to look like signal lights. The "SHO BIRD" license plate is custom made by Slippery Arts.