A 24th scale Snack Wagon made with parts from the AMT 25th scale Li'l Gasser and the 20th scale MPC Popcorn Wagon.







The idea for "IRA'S BEER WAGON" came from a 1970's Show Trike called "The Popcorn Trike". After playing with the Trike idea for a while, I tried something different. The Popcorn Wagon was a Great fit with the L'il Gasser Body Parts, so I decided to change from a Three Wheel Trike to a Six Wheeled Show Truck.

"IRA'S BEER WAGON" Body started as a MPC Popcorn Wagon with a cowl from AMT's L'il Gasser. The cab section and the front section of the roof are made from sheet plastic. (See construction photos below.) The Side Scrolls were cut from the Popcorn Signs and then Signs were relocated on the roof. The Gold Scrolls attached to the Roof Signs are from Monograms Paddy Wagon. The highly modified radiator shell is from the Popcorn Wagon.

The Chassis is from AMT's L'il Gasser, it was lowered in the front and modified in the rear to fit the new body. All 6 Radius Rods were modified by carving out the side-holes, making a single slot in each side. The Dual Superchargers and Modified Dashboard are from AMT's '53 Studebaker. The Popcorn Machine had its top chopped about 3/8 inch. The windshield was cut from clear .030 Lexan. The Beer Barrels and Beer Decals are from the Monogram Beer Wagon. The transmission hump was made from a Beer Barrel. The Fuel Cell, Seat, Speakers, Gold Roof Scrolls, TV Monitor, Finned Brake Drums, Red Bullit Wheel Hubs, and Steering Wheel are from the parts box. Most other parts are from the L'il Gasser and the Popcorn Wagon.

"IRA'S BEER WAGON" was painted with Testors Metalic Red Lacquer, and then with a few coats of Testors "Wet Look Clear". The inside of the body is Flat Black.